Twisted Roots Farm

“If we surrender to earth’s intelligence, we could rise up rooted like trees”

Rainer Maria Rilke

Welcome to Twisted Roots Farm, located in beautiful Cape Breton Nova Scotia. We are a small permaculture farm and homestead, and 2023 will be our 6th season here on this land. We have many exciting new visions for this season as we continue to create more learning opportunities for those interested in homesteading and nature awareness.

Spring has arrived and we are busy planting and preparing for the upcoming season. This is also the time of year that we host our Goat Walks in the Woods, and we have added some new ways to interact with our herd of Alpine Goats including goat kid cuddles and a two hour interaction that includes a campfire in our newly developed forest site.

Our online Farm Shop, through Etsy, is now open and we have been enjoying exploring our creativity as we work with the raw materials as a part of the homesteading way of life. We make candles and soap from the fats of the animals we raise or source from other local farms, wild harvest materials for creative art offerings, make wood products such as cutting boards from trees that we have harvested and milled and other artistic endeavours that are a part of our lifestyle and continued relationship with the land. You can buy directly from the farm or online through Etsy. Direct farm purchases will be less expensive than the Etsy pricing due to the online shop fees that we pay for this service.

We are also pleased to be offering more educational opportunities to share our experiences and continue learning from others. We have just launched some new programs and workshops available this spring that help connect people with nature. This new workshop series, Fire Dog Nature School, will be offering programs in Nature Wellness, Bushcraft, Vision Fasting and Nature Awareness. Other workshops being released soon will focus on homesteading skills through hands-on learning. We will also once again be hosting others on the farm for the summer season through our volunteer exchange program, in which participants learn homesteading skills in exchange for food, accommodation, and various teachings.

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