Life on the Farm

Life on the farm over the last few months has been one of many challenges as we continue to grow into this new farm, and way of life. We have, for lack of a better term, been laying low with respect to our social media presence, in part because we have been busy and also because of the situation regarding COVID. Our entire business model is based on the help we receive on the farm through apprenticeships and volunteers, and having folks arrive here in the midst of a pandemic has required working through an entirely new set of logistics and stepping into the unknown. Starting a new business has it’s challenges and pitfalls in the best of times, navigating such a venture during a pandemic in times of uncertainty, mis-information and fear can at times feel like trying to fit a small jacket on a wild cat while taking a bath.

Our apprentices have arrived, and we have passed our time of isolation, which is not required of essential services such as farms, but is something we chose to do regardless. We are now playing a game of “catch up” as our production plan is almost three months behind with all of the infrastructure that is required to move this project forward. Crops are being planted, our egg layers are producing more and more eggs every day, our meat birds are growing and the piglets continue to thrive. With the arrival of new energy, projects are being completed and we are moving closer to the much needed revenue that the farm requires to stay afloat. We have eggs and select cuts of pork available for sale, orders for meat birds are being taken, and we have a variety of unique heritage breed piglets and breeding boars for sale.

We have and continue to be in such gratitude for the response we have had to our apprenticeship program. Our spring cohort is full with the August intake filling quickly. This has made such a difference in daily life here on the farm, and with our first cohort, we continue to learn and experience how to weave nature-based learning with farming. These young folks are exploring the inner workings of how to set up and manage such a unique project while diving into a meaningful reflection of nature-based soul work. The stories that are bubbling up are inspiring, and we feel honored to hold such a space for this beautiful work.

The days are getting longer, the leaves are in full bloom, the blackfiles have arrived and we continue to sink ever deeper into a way of life that feeds us in so many ways. Our hope is to continue sharing this evolving story as we settle into the summer season. Wild Blessings to all.

Published by Twisted Roots Farm

We are a small off-grid farm located in Cape Breton Nova Scotia.

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