Creating Community

How do you want to spend this one precious life that you have been so blessed to live? Do you long to live in community, to be truly indebted to one another and surrounded by people who care about you and are invested in cultivating healthy, reciprocal relationships? Are you tired of not knowing where your food comes from, and instead, long to merge your hands with the earth as you tend to the food that sustains you? Would you love to be surrounded by a forest who calls you by your one true name as you meander alongside a life-giving brook, feeling truly at home within yourself, perhaps, for the first time ever?

If any of these questions resonate with you, we are offering something that feels unique and absolutely critical during these times of extreme disconnect and individualism within our industrialized culture. For some time now, we have felt called to share our home with others who want to grow healthy food and raise animals in a conscious and sacred way. We are looking for people who want to connect deeply with the wildness of their own souls, to tend to the land and all of her future inhabitants, and hold space for one another in a way that honors our differences and celebrates our shared love of life.

We are looking to form an intentional community whose main heartbeat is a worker-owned farming and forestry cooperative. A space where we come together to grow food for ourselves and our local community. Where new ideas are explored, skills are shared, creativity is expressed, and there is always a seat at the table. We envision the farm to be the fertile ground for exploring innovative ideas and demonstrating the many possibilities available when we come together to share our ideas and dreams.

At Twisted Roots Farm, we live simply and seasonally, striving to live as locally as possible; therefore, we feel that it is critical for interested individuals/couples to come here for at least a six month period to really delve into this way of life. We all tend to romanticize things sometimes, so it is necessary to fully immerse yourself in this place before you can make the decision if it’s a long-term fit for you. Farming can be extremely challenging; we work outside every day in any and all weather conditions. Raising a being from birth and then taking their life is no easy task. Living closely with other people can expose our most hidden shadows, forcing us to truly take personal responsibility and adult up! A focus on living locally and seasonally means sacrificing things we’ve become accustomed to and requires us to change our cultural norms of global consumption and having whatever we want whenever we want it. Yet at the end of the day, living in such deep relationship with the land, with our food, and with one another, makes for a life truly worth living.

As a way of providing an opportunity to feel into some of these ways of being here at the farm, we have created an experiential, year-long immersion opportunity, the School of Wyld Roots. Within this school, we have put together specific offerings that we feel are integral to fully and courageously step into our true selves so that we may once again breathe magic into the world. Offerings such as Permaculture Design, Regenerative Farming and Forestry, Off-Grid Systems, Community Living, Localized Economy, and Nature-Based Dialogue, to name just a few. We have designed the year in such a way as to create commitment from each one of us, and it is our dream that at the end of the first six months of the program, students will choose to continue the unfolding of this unique opportunity together as we aim to form a profit-sharing model and cooperative.

Coming from western culture, the idea of living together with others, outside of your nuclear family unit, can seem very intimidating to many people. Most of us have not been taught nor given the experience to live within such a tightly woven collective of people, yet if there is some part of you that longs to explore this way of living in community, something that resides deep within all of our ancestral bones, we welcome your inquiry and curiosity. We cherish clear, open-hearted communication and constantly strive to re-member ourselves into human beings who are worth descending from and with whom future generations will be inspired by. This process will not be easy. We will all be pushed and tested and transformed, yet at the end of each day as we sit down together to share a meal and express our gratitude, looking around the table at one another with our shared love of life and true commitment to something greater than ourselves, we will know without a doubt that whatever life brings our way, we are in it together. May this table of loved ones continue to be set long beyond all of our lifetimes and may it always be a place of safe refuge for the weary soul.

If you would like to know more about the farm and the School of Wyld Roots, please check out our website and our detailed information package for more information. We are happy to answer any questions or discuss any and all possibilities of creating beauty together here on this land. It is our goal to raise funds for scholarship through our GoFundMe campaign as well as in-house financial assistance as we do not want the financial commitment of the school offering to be a barrier for anyone truly resonating with this vision. We look forward to hearing from you and thank you for having the courage to dream into something unknown and mysterious, yet completely possible.

Wild Blessings,
Terry and Will
Twisted Roots Farm
Nova Scotia, Canada

Published by Twisted Roots Farm

We are a small off-grid farm located in Cape Breton Nova Scotia.

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