Alone in the Woods

Alone in the Woods
(April 28, 29, 30th)
$225 / person

Spending time alone in the woods is an experience our western culture values less and less these days. The wilderness is now often viewed as dangerous and not a place that we venture into very often, or if we do, only with the conveniences of modern day life.

There is however a longing, a desire, a curiosity to experience what the outdoors has to offer. It can be a place of peace, solitude, and a feeling of connectivity with something that makes us feel at home. The ability to build a fire, keep ourselves warm, and be in this solitude can even feel healing and necessary for us to experience and ignite something more ancient within ourselves, something that connects us with more ancestral ways of being.

Being alone in the woods can also be a frightening place, especially in an overnight situation. It can take us out of our comfort zone and challenge us in many ways. Through this process, we can build confidence in ourselves and our abilities, giving us skills necessary for self reliance and trusting our survival instincts.

The Alone in the Woods weekend gathering is a three day workshop where we explore and support your alone time in the woods. Over the three days, you will use all the skills and knowledge gained from the previous workshops to spend an overnight in the woods here at Twisted Roots Farm. The goal of this overnight is to embrace the solo process with your skills, making yourself comfortable and taking care of yourself in the woods. You will not have a tent to hide in during this solo, and you will have to depend on minimal equipment. For each participant this will vary, some may choose to build natural shelters and others may bring a tarp to assist with quicker shelter methods. It is an opportunity to try out gear or different ideas. It is a personalized approach based on how you want to participate in your solo time.

Participants will arrive on the Friday afternoon and settle in for the weekend, camping that night on one of our tent platforms. We will have a group meal that evening with a campfire afterwards to come together as a group to help support each other for the solo.

On Saturday we will meet after breakfast going over some theory and logistics of wilderness solos and preparations for the solo. Participants will then proceed to their solo areas to set up their sites for the overnight. This is a guided process, and so before settling in for the night, I will meet with each participant one on one to assess solo sites, offer suggestions and provide support where required. I will also be tending to our camp area throughout the night offering a safe space should anyone need to leave their solo site.

On Sunday, participants will exit their solo sites and we will meet as a group in a council format to hear everyone’s story of the night and offer reflections to help digest the experience.

The workshop will start late afternoon on Friday around 3 pm and wrap up by 2 pm on Sunday afternoon. The cost of the workshop is $225 / person and includes a meal prepared by Twisted Roots Farm on Friday evening. Participants will be responsible for their remaining meals for the weekend. The facilities are camping only, and participants will need to bring a tent and sleeping gear for Friday evening on one of our tent platforms. Participants will have access to an outdoor kitchen, however must bring their own stove and cooking gear.

Participants must be 19 years of age or older to attend the workshop.

To register for the workshop, you can send an email to or call Twisted Roots Farm at 902-302-7005

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