Apprenticeship Program

2021 Apprenticeship Program

Twisted Roots Farm is now accepting applications for our 2021 apprenticeship program. Dive into the depths of farming, permaculture, building, forestry, community living, off-grid living, outdoor education, and nature-based dialogue.

Many hands have helped us, and many projects have been completed by those who have found their way to the farm. What has and is emerging is a place where we are exploring and experiencing the creation of a permaculture demonstration site.

An apprenticeship with Twisted Roots Farm is one of creative design, bold ideas, and unique vision. You will be challenged, you will be asked to work hard, and you will be part of something truly unique. 

“The most valuable part of this experience was undoubtedly my ‘tuning out‘ of the city and my ‘tuning in’ to nature. Without electronic distractions, internet, or even consistent cell reception, I was forced to slow down and reestablish my relationship with the living world around me.” The Mindfulness of Farming

Murray, Farm Apprentice, August to November 2020 – excerpt from Twisted Roots Farm Blog

  Opportunities for learning for the 2021 season include:

  • Permaculture design, mapping, and guild planting
  • Creating forage areas for livestock
  • Developing closed-loop feeding systems
  • Expansion of market gardens
  • Development of four season market garden harvest
  • Natural building projects
  • Bandsaw milling and creating secondary wood products
  • Research projects

In exchange for your energy, we offer accommodation, meals, experiential learning opportunities, and mentorship.

We will work with you one-on-one, help guide your time on the farm, and reflect important experiences. This is an immersion program, experiential in nature, and our classroom is the land and farm that surrounds us.

Life on a farm can feel like a pressure cooker, however knowing that we can face hardship and adversity takes us to places of strength and insight that we may not have otherwise realized.  We also have to create opportunities for laughter, fun and celebration, all a part of life and truly living.

What we are offering for this season is a three-month or six-month apprenticeship.

Cohort 1 : May 1 – August 1
Cohort 2: August 8 – October 8

A six-month apprenticeship would span both cohort time frames with a break from August 2 to August 7.

We will only be seeking two apprentices for the season in each cohort, which may vary depending on interest in the 6-month apprenticeship.

This could also be open to a couple who are considering the program in either the three-month or six-month format.

For more information and how to apply, please visit our detailed information package on Google Docs here

Please forward any questions you may have about the apprenticeship program to

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