DeadWood Designs

Locally Sourced ~ Selectively Harvested ~ Handmade

“You don’t have to destroy the forest to harvest trees.”

Merv Wilkinson

DeadWood Designs is a small wood product business operated from Twisted Roots Farm. DeadWood Designs sources selectively harvested trees directly from the property at Twisted Roots Farm or from other local woodlot operations that practice small scale ecologically sound forestry practices. Trees are milled on site with a bandsaw mill offering a variety of hand made wood creations for sale.

Milling wood on-site from our bandsaw mill on the farm has been a huge part of our homesteading journey and we are now into our fifth season building an off-grid regenerative farm from an entirely forested site here in Judique.  

It has allowed us to build the much needed infrastructure required to grow our operation and has given us the experience to be in relationship with the materials required for building, from tree to finished product.  Last year we started to share our designs with the creation of DeadWood Designs here at Twisted Roots Farm, with raised garden beds, planters, and custom projects.  

All of our wood creations are made from rough cut lumber from trees that have been selectively harvested from small woodlot owners in the Judique area or from trees harvested directly from the farm.  We work in small batches, hauling the logs to the mill site ourselves and hand building all of our wood creations.

For 2022, we will have many wood creations available as we continue to expand the offerings of DeadWood Designs. Products will range from modular sheds, greenhouses to more fine work such as cutting boards, soap dishes and other unique handcrafted products.

Shed Kits

Our shed kits are made with rough cut lumber. These sheds are simple, well built, solid and will last for many years.  They are modular, built in panels that can be moved to remote or difficult locations or taken apart at a later date.

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Raised Garden Beds

We have a variety of raised Garden Beds available for order for the 2022 season

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Artistic Wood Creations

Soap dishes, candle holders and other handcrafted wood creations

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