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“Earth is so kind – just tickle her with a hoe and she laughs with a harvest”

Douglas Jerold

The Farm Stand is now closed for the season

Thank you for supporting local food!!

The farm stand will be open again in the early spring of 2021. Our Farm Gate sales are still open and we currently have select cuts of Highland Beef for sale.

Current Farm Gate Products for Sale

  • Select cuts of pasture-raised Highland Beef

EGG CSA Program With a CSA program, the farmer is supported with a known revenue over a period of time. This helps small local farmers with up front production costs and provides a consistent product for customers. (Egg CSA’s are currently limited, please call for availability.)

Egg CSA 1 Share provides one dozen eggs/week for 12 weeks for $50.

With the CSA program, you save $10 over the 12 weeks. You can buy multiple shares if you want more than one dozen eggs per week.

Please contact us at 902-302-7005 or email us at for more details about our egg CSA program or to order select cuts of Highland Beef.

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