Fire Dog Nature School

Fire Dog Nature School is an infused wilderness program focusing on nature based wellness, awareness, education and personal growth.

The idea of a nature school here at Twisted Roots Farm has been in the workings for sometime. Since arriving on this land, this vision has ebbed and flowed, however it has taken time to establish ourselves as a homestead and small permaculture farm, building the foundation for such an idea to take hold. We have invited folks from all over the world to participate in this permaculture project, and hosted apprentices in the learning of permaculture and nature based approaches to understanding ourselves in more meaningful ways.

This fall, I (William) faced a major health crisis, and our ability to farm and homestead required a re-think. For many years, my career was focused on outdoor education, wilderness guiding, social work and research. My developing practice as guide and mentor combined all these vocations in how I worked with people. Living in the woods that surrounds the farm has been a life changing experience for me and it has inspired this new direction.

In designing Fire Dog Nature School, I am focusing on the concept of nature-based wellness as a process of creating interconnected wholeness in our lives through the deepening of our relationship with nature, the wild community that surrounds us and gives us life.

In this reciprocal relationship with nature we start to understand and embody our place within the life-giving systems of the earth community.

As we explore these outer wild landscapes, we are also diving into our own inner landscapes where our authentic way of being in the world is often hidden from us from the experiences and pressures of modern day life.

Spending time outdoors and in nature is of immense importance for our overall state of well being. The wild community is always around us. We are not separate from her, no matter where we live and we do not necessarily have to drive to remote wilderness areas to experience wild nature.

Nature wellness and connection is our ability to be in a place of mindfulness where we align our way of being to be in harmony with our surroundings. When we touch these places within ourselves we are living from the deepest and truest parts of our being, and are therefore of the greatest service to ourselves and to the world.

This gives us profound meaning and purpose in our lives

As a Nature Wellness Guide, my role is to facilitate ways to guide others in their relationship with nature and to reflect pathways to those authentic parts of self. I offer onsite in person meetings, programs and workshops as well as online mentorship as a part of this work.

We live and work on a small off-grid farm and homestead located in the woods here in Cape Breton Nova Scotia which offers an amazing platform for Fire Dog Nature School.

For 2023, I have developed many offerings for this work. It includes a variety of programs in the following areas of study and immersion.

Nature Wellness Mentoring.  Distance or one on one in person mentorships and coaching to guide us into living our lives in ways that connects more intimately with nature and with ourselves offering those unique gifts that to be lived into the world.

Bushcraft. Skills to enhance our ability to be in the wilderness, build confidence in our survival skills and develop healthy relationships with the outdoors.

Vision Fast.  Intensive immersion program for deepening our connection with self, nature and soul.

Nature Awareness.  Mindfulness practices in nature that connect us more intimately with the wild community and the deeper parts of self.

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