(Saturday April 01, 2023, 9 am to 5 pm at Twisted Roots Farm)
$75 / person

Learning how to build a campfire in the woods is an essential skill for spending time outdoors or if faced with a survival situation in the backwoods. Fire provides us with warmth, a sense of comfort and makes a world of difference in challenging situations that we could face traveling in a remote wilderness environment. It is one of the basics we should know if we are to spend any significant time outdoors.

Fire Maker is a day-long workshop where you learn various fire building skills. Topics covered will include:

Sourcing firemaking material from the woods
Fire-building kits, what to bring with you, tools, emergency kits
Fire building techniques, knife use, splitting techniques
Flint and Steel
Bow Drill
Cooking with a Fire
Overview of various backwoods stoves
Environmental considerations
Other backwoods basics

Once we have covered the theory basics, participants will be tasked to build their own fire from only the raw materials available. Participants can experiment with flint and steel or if you’re feeling really ambitious, give the bow drill a try, however our focus is more on getting a fire going that works under all conditions. We will also provide some campfire cooking basics with heating up water and making a hot drink. We will also cover the various types of stoves that can be used in the backwoods for cooking.

Other topics will include other considerations for time spent in the woods, from safe travel, hazards, animal encounters and basic wilderness first aid.

We will end the day with a fireside group chat to wrap up the workshop and share our experiences of the day.

Participants should be prepared to be outside for the duration of the workshop and dress appropriately for the weather. You should also bring something to sit on, a camp chair works great! We will be spending the majority of the day around a campfire, so again, dressing appropriately for these conditions. You may not want to bring your most expensive jacket as odds are fire embers will create some nice burn holes in your attire. Participants will also need to bring lunch and water for the day.

The workshop will start at 9:00 am and wraps up at 5 pm, meeting up at the Farm Stand here at Twisted Roots Farm.

Cost for the day-long workshop is $75 CAD

Participants must be 19 years of age or older to attend the workshop

To register for the workshop, you can send an email to or call Twisted Roots Farm at 902-302-7005

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