Goat Walks

Goat Walks in the Woods

In 2018, we welcomed our first goats to the farm, Sophie and Sadie, and since then the herd has grown to 20 goats.  With the farm being situated on 74 acres of forest along a magical brook, we have many trails that have been developed over the years which are perfect for hiking.  Walking with the goats is one of our favourite activities here on the farm, and this spring we began sharing this goaty adventure with others on our Saturday morning goat walks.

The goats love walking in the woods, nibbling away on greenery and bark as they go, and we have experienced incredible interactions between kids and adults alike with these forest wanders.  These amazing beings are intuitive and gentle with people and enjoy the attention they receive from folks along the hike.  This makes for some very special experiences.  We have also enjoyed meeting new people and see this as such an incredible opportunity to share what we have learned from our homesteading adventure here in Cape Breton.

We follow a well maintained trail along the brook and make a stop along the way at one of our open forage areas that is slowly being transitioned back to pasture with the help of the goats.  In this space, you can take a seat on one of our benches and the goats will pop over to visit you as they take breaks from foraging.  The goats have been handled consistently since birth and are therefore very friendly and truly enjoy human interaction.  This is also a great opportunity, when we have goat kids, to cuddle an adorable little goaty babe.  

The hike itself is only about 1.5 km in length, but we walk slowly with the goats to have more interaction time with them.  We also make a stop by the beautiful brook, which is where we fell in love with this land at first sight!   There is some incline on the trail, however, we have found that it is manageable for most due to the slow pace.  But if you do have mobility issues, it may not be suitable. These walks are open to all ages, children must be accompanied by an adult.  As the walk is in the forest, fellow goat hikers should be dressed appropriately for outdoor conditions including footwear that can get a little wet and clothing that can handle goat cuddles!  

We will be offering goat walks starting this February as a group booking for 1 to 6 people with an option to include a campfire. Please visit our Private Goat Walks page for more details and pricing.

We also do offer goat walks by donation on various weekends depending on weather and other things happening on the farm. We post this regularly on our Instagram or Facebook page.

Be sure to visit the goat profiles on our Meet the Goats web page!

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