Holistic Learning

Experience ~ Learn ~ Grow

“Holistic education aims to call forth from people an intrinsic reverence for life and a passionate love of learning, gives attention to experiential learning, and places significance on relationships and primary human values within the learning environment.”


Since 2018, we have welcomed people to the farm who are curious about off-grid living, unplugging from mainstream western culture, and being in relationship with the Wild community. For us, it has been, and continues to be, the adventure of a lifetime; a process of continued learning and growth. Our Vision of this place is about sharing knowledge and connecting with others in the hope that we will find new ways to be in relationship with our food and the Wild community that supports all life.

Our programs for 2021 offer a variety of ways to become involved in the holistic learning process. Through hands-on learning, group discussion, research, selected readings, and other interactive activities, we explore the following areas of study and practices here at Twisted Roots Farm:

  • Permaculture Methodology / No-Till Farming / Intentional Rotational Grazing
  • Market Gardening
  • Animal Husbandry
  • On-site Animal Harvesting
  • Farm Management / Regenerative Agriculture
  • Agroforestry
  • Small Scale Milling / Ecological Forestry
  • Wilderness Awareness / Bushcraft / Primitive Skills
  • Nature – Human – Soul Connection
  • Way of Council
  • Off-grid Living / Homesteading
  • Cooking Local Whole Foods in Season
  • Conventional and Natural Building Practices

2021 has been an unusual year, especially for the learning and business model that we have envisioned here at Twisted Roots Farm.  We require the energy, knowledge and wisdom of others to grow and create something that will continue beyond us and our lifetimes.  The restrictions of movement and travel have been and continue to be an enormous challenge for us to open our doors to this way of learning and education.  It has meant many setbacks for us, and we have had many challenges to continue to navigate this business model in these uncertain times. 

This summer, we are hopeful that movement will once again be possible.  We require an enormous amount of human energy to cultivate this vision into these next precious moments of growth.  

This place, this land, this forest, this farm have changed the lives of many who have come here to volunteer, to learn and to reconnect with the more than human world.  

Join us this summer or beyond to help us and this wild forest realize the potential that exists here.  We have created many ways to be involved, through volunteerism, experiential learning and farm apprenticeship positions.  These are unique ways to spend  time away from city centers, to unplug from media to reconnect with the wild world and be in a deep relationship with our food. 

Holistic Learning Opportunities

Volunteer Immersion Program: We have been members of WWOOF since 2017, and have hosted many people over the years.  We have broken down our volunteer program into 1 and 2 week immersions.  From our experience, we find that this time gives an overview of the land, the farm, and the forest in all that they have to offer.  You will be connected to the food that is grown here while being surrounded by the forest that offers mysterious reflections, and at the end of the day, you are in a community of others, wild and human, that support you in unexpected ways.

In exchange for your time, energy, and hard work we, offer meals, accommodation, experiential learning, outdoor education, community building, and nature-based mentoring.

Artisan Collective Farm Apprenticeship: Last season, we welcomed apprentices to the farm with a three month immersion into the daily life here on the farm combined with a nature based approach that provided a way to reflect the stories and growth that apprentices gained during their time here on the farm and in the forest.  For this season, we have a rolling admissions intake for those wanting to stay longer than 2 weeks, and to fully engage in the work that we do here at Twisted Roots Farm.  Opportunities also exist within our apprenticeships to explore profit sharing through the creation of an artisan collective.  Minimum stay time in this program is three months.

School of Wyld Roots: The School of Wyld Roots is a year long immersion into the life of farming, nature based dialogue, land stewardship and self discovery. Follow the seasonal cycle of this hands-on learning journey, where we are co creating the foundational future of a Holistic Learning Cooperative here at Twisted Roots Farm.

Questions? Drop us a line at info@twistedrootsfarm.ca

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