Nature Awareness

Nature awareness is a practice that facilitates a relationship with nature where we are listening, observing and feeling all the complexities and gifts being offered in this therapeutic reciprocal environment. Allowing ourselves to be still and open to these messages requires us to enter into a meditative state, where we are grounding ourselves in this stillness and observing what is arising in ourselves and around us.

This summer, I am offering two programs to explore and develop this practice of nature awareness. The forests here are a magical place to sit, meditate and contemplate with the soft sounds of the brook and the quiet patience of the forest to help guide and take us to places of inner peace. Removing ourselves from the busyness of modernity and the noise that comes with our village lives are important in reconnecting and grounding ourselves in the present moment.

This spring we are building small private brookside meditation platforms that will provide a space for individuals to participate in nature awareness practices. They will be covered to provide shelter and screened to give us a retreat from the biting creatures that come alive in the summer, especially in the forest environment.

The two workshops being offered this summer in our Nature Awareness programming are:

Mindfulness and Nature Meditation, a full day workshop and Nature Immersion Weekend, a three day retreat in nature here at Twisted Roots Farm.

More details and dates to follow.

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