Nature Wellness Mentoring

Nature Wellness Mentoring or Coaching is a personalized way to guide and help navigate our relationship with nature.  As we explore this connection we also uncover different aspects of self that are reflected to us, where nature acts as a mirror showing us our true gifts.

As a mentor, my role is to listen to the story that is unfolding during one on one sessions and offer nature based tasks and other activities to explore some of the deeper meanings of what is arising. 

It is also about establishing routines and practices to help facilitate the nature human connection 

When we start to uncover the deeper parts of ourself, we are understanding our gifts, our offerings to the world.  This creates purpose and meaning in our lives.  Our world is a complex place of confusing messages and influences and these practices help identify the important meanings in our life allowing us to live more authentically and in balance with nature.

In our first consultation session, I will be working with you to identify goals and intentions with an individualized plan. 

Core practices include:

  • Creating a morning meditative or reflective practice
  • Daily Journaling
  • Dream Journaling
  • Finding a place where you can spend time in nature which is easily accessible

Consultations will consist of a confidential questionnaire to be completed with some follow up emails and questions prior to our first session.  Sessions will be an hour long, either by phone or on zoom.  A follow up email is then sent about a week after the one on one consultation.

One on one sessions can also be completed in person at Twisted Roots Farm sitting around a campfire in the woods at our campfire area nestled beside the brook that flows through the property.

Once the initial consultation session is completed we can continue to track your story and how it is unfolding with mentoring sessions.  Mentoring sessions consist of a pre-meeting email, a one to one session and post session email.

The scope of my practice is about helping to guide one towards wholeness in their lives and identifying pathways to Soul.  The core practices listed above are a starting point, however your individualized plan and the nature of your story will guide other offerings and suggestions.  These can include walks on the land with a dream, camping for a night alone in a wilderness area, creating awareness about where your food comes from, exploring yoga disciplines, suggested readings, researching ancestry or even planting a garden.  As you can see, it is wide ranging and very individualized.

These practices can also bring up hidden elements of our psyche which then requires healing approaches from other practitioners and specialists.  My mentorship and coaching can provide healing, however my practice is more related to facilitating wholeness in one’s life.  My role therefore is to also direct clients to other resources to help with healing.  For instance a yoga practice with a qualified instructor may be suggested to help one connect more fully to their body, or if a past trauma is uncovered then work with a trauma specialist would be required. 

Initial consultations are $75  

Online Mentoring sessions are $50 each

In person sessions are $60 each

For the month of February and March 2023, I am offering a 25% discount on Initial Consultations and 25% discount on the first Mentoring session.

To sign up for a consultation or for more information please send an email to

You can also visit my extended bio to understand my background and philosophy of nature based wellness.

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