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Simple in Design ~ Hand Crafted ~ Built to Last

We have been homesteading in Cape Breton for five years now building an off-grid regenerative farm from an entirely forested site here in Judique.  Homesteading in this fashion has required us to build many structures with some that have to be moved as we expand areas and change their uses over time.  Our building style is simple, and typically has been completed with many screws and metal coverings so that materials can be taken apart and re-purposed in other areas.  This has inspired us to create our shed kits that are pre-built panels bolted together which can be assembled and taken apart as required.  


Our shed kits are made with rough cut lumber, milled on site here at Twisted Roots Farm from trees that have been selectively harvested from small woodlot owners or from wood that comes directly from the farm.  These sheds are simple, well built, solid and will last for many years. 

The style of the sheds is that of a lean-to design, with the front wall being higher than the back wall.  Simple and functional.  This allows for easy assembly without having to build a truss system in a peak roof style.

Shed Floors

The floor joists on our sheds are built from true 2 x 4 rough cut lumber.  Each panel is 2 feet wide and can go up to a 10 foot depth.  The individual floor panels can be bolted, nailed or screwed together, depending on if the shed is to remain stationary or have the ability to be moved at a later date.  Floor joists are at 1 foot centers, giving each panel three joists per 2 foot section. The floor covering is with true 1 x 6 rough cut lumber, creating a very strong and durable flooring that will last for many years.

Shed Walls

Walls are constructed from 2 x 4 rough cut lumber and sided with ¾ inch lap siding.  Each panel is 2 feet wide.  The back wall is 7 feet high and the front wall is 8 feet high.  Studs are at 2 foot centers, and each panel can be bolted, screwed or nailed together.  Front and back walls are supported and therefore double plated to provide extra strength.  On some styles of sheds, the front wall is a post and beam structure, ideal for sheds that require a large span for a doorway.

Siding can also be ordered in a board and bat style, with the boards at 6 inches and bats at 3 inches.  This siding option is constructed with true 1 inch boards.

Roof Construction

Rafters come in 2 foot panels with rafters at 2 foot centers.  Rafters are bird mouthed over the front and back walls and secured to the walls with hurricane ties.  The rafters are covered with ½ inch boards 6 inches wide giving the interior a finished exposed rafter design.  The roof is covered with high quality metal roofing, giving years of protection.

Overall Design and Options

With this design, you have the flexibility to set up in a variety of locations.  The panels are small enough for two people to handle, and pieces can even be transported into more remote locations and installed with minimal tools.  Panels will easily fit in a small trailer and ATV system.  

These sheds can be used for a variety of purposes and we can also change the wallcoverings to accommodate different uses, for example:

Wood Sheds – Wall panels can be made from 1 x 6 with air flow spaces to ensure proper storage of fire wood

Screened Sitting Areas – Living in Nova Scotia means that summer brings hot humid days with black flies and mosquitoes.  Wall panels can be made with screens to provide sitting and social areas.

Greenhouses and Potting Sheds –  Wall and roof panels can also be covered with polycarbonate panels to provide light for a greenhouse or potting shed.

The advantage of this style of shed is that it can be deconstructed and moved.  Ideal if you are moving, or you are at a temporary location.  The shed can go with you.  You can also sell the shed at a later date if you do not require the shed any more and therefore your initial investment in the shed can be viewed as an asset.

Pricing and Availability

We have a variety of sizes available for order.  The largest depth we can build to is 10 feet, this will accommodate a 12 foot rafter with overhang on the front and back of the shed.  Length can be as long as you want, and you can add on to this style of shed at a later date.  

These sheds are hand built and carefully crafted and their price reflects the attention to detail and the high quality materials that are used in the creation of these sheds.

We can build in a variety of sizes, with the main consideration being what depth you would like the shed to be, either 4, 6, 8, or 10 feet.

Price List

This price list is the base price or starting price of each shed. We can add features such as windows, factory doors or different siding coverings. This price list reflects sheds that come in panels only where you choose the fastening system, like screws or nails. We also can provide bolted wall and floor systems, however this will generate a larger price in the cost of additional hardware. These prices are subject to change and more detailed pricing is included in your personalized quote.

Length →4 feet6 feet8 feet10 feet12 feet
4 feet$1530$2035$2540$3045$3550
6 feet$2455$3000$3545$4090
8 feet$3460$3845$4630
10 feet$4670$5320
2022 DeadWood Designs Shed Kit Price List. Updated April 01, 2022. Prices are subject to change.


Each shed kit is custom ordered.  We do not carry shed kits in stock, and only build them based on size and individual preferences.  Our first step is to provide you with a quote based on shed sizing, hardware options and other features that are requested.  

Once we have finalized a quote, we then require a 25% deposit of the quoted price to begin construction of your shed with full payment at the time of pickup or delivery.  

Quotes are valid for 14 days and construction of the shed is started within this time frame.  Quotes beyond 14 days are subject to price variances due to the current nature of inflation.  

When you order a shed kit the process of building your shed is from log to finished product, as we do not keep an inventory of lumber and only mill as per order.  

Once construction is started, shed kits are ready in 2 to 4 weeks, depending on the size of the shed and preferences selected.

We are taking orders now, however, we will only be building a limited number of sheds for the 2022 season as these projects require a significant amount of wood to create.  We are a small company and your shed is custom built from tree to finished shed.  

Our ecological process of sourcing wood requires that we only buy from small operators to ensure that timber is being selected from sustainable sources which limits the amount of product we can create in a season.

Pickup and Delivery

Sheds can be picked up from Twisted Roots Farm and require a full size truck or small trailer to transport the sheds in their individual pieces.  We provide detailed instructions for you to put the shed together at your site.

We can deliver sheds to your site depending on where you are located.  We can also help in the setup of the shed, however the site must be prepared prior to delivery.  We require a level site or a foundation system built to accommodate the footprint of your shed.  

These costs can be included in your quote when you are requesting an overall price.

More Information

We will have a demonstration shed located up at our farm stand soon so you can check out these unique shed designs. We are located at 305 Gussieville Road, and the farm stand is open daily, 10 am to 6 pm. The farm stand is closed on Wednesdays.

You can also send us an email at or call us directly at 902-302-7005 during farm stand hours.

You can also chat with us in person as we are up at the farm stand typically on Saturdays from 1 pm to 4 pm or alternatively on Sundays depending on the weather conditions.

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