Wilderness Shelter Building

Wilderness Shelter Systems
(Saturday April 22, 2023, 9 am to 5 pm at Twisted Roots Farm)
$75 / person

Keeping dry and warm in the woods is a must if we are to spend extended time outdoors. Tents these days can provide us with quick and lightweight ways to spend overnights in wilderness areas. It is also important to have tarp systems to keep ourselves dry for cooking are settling into more challenging weather conditions in the backwoods. There may also be situations when we have to spend a night unexpectedly in the woods, and having some basic knowledge on shelter systems can make the world of difference in these situations.

In this workshop we will explore shelter systems from tarp and bivy to emergency shelters. Topics covered will include:

Tarpology 101, setting up various tarp systems
Basic knots and securing a ridge line for tarps
Emergency Shelters
Bivy Shelters
Natural Shelters
Sleeping bags and related gear
Clothing considerations
Lost and Alone procedures in the woods
Trip plans and communication

Time will be given to try out the various systems with some building of more natural shelters along with discussion around various gear considerations and what to do if you find yourself lost in the woods.

We will wrap up the workshop with a fireside chat to incorporate all the learning and skills experienced throughout the workshop.

Participants should be prepared to be outside for the duration of the workshop and dress appropriately for the weather. You should also bring something to sit on, a camp chair works great! We will be spending the majority of the day around a campfire, so again, dressing appropriately for these conditions. You may not want to bring your most expensive jacket as odds are fire embers will create some nice burn holes in your attire. Participants will also need to bring lunch and water for the day.

The workshop will start at 9:00 am and wrap up at 5 pm, meeting up at the Farm Stand here at Twisted Roots Farm.

Cost for the day-long workshop is $75 CAD

Participants must be 19 years of age or older to attend the workshop.

To register for the workshop, you can send an email to info@twistedrootsfarm.ca or call Twisted Roots Farm at 902-302-7005

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