As a part of our vision here at Twisted Roots Farm, we are excited to be creating and hosting a variety of workshops and programs this season. These will range from homesteading skills to nature-based offerings and everything in between as we continue to learn and share our experiences.

This winter, we have been working on renovating a studio space, which will offer new opportunities in addition to our farm stand, such as a creative space for hosting various workshops and displaying our handcrafted offerings. Later in the spring, we will also continue to develop more of our forest sites to also expand experiential learning opportunities here at the farm. It is a very exciting time, and we look forward to interacting more with the community in this way.

Stay tuned as we add more programs and workshops, continuing to grow opportunities for learning and sharing here at the farm.

Here is a listing of the current workshops we have available:

Bandsaw Milling Workshops

Bushcraft Workshops

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