School of Wyld Roots

“Initiated men and women don’t chase what they desire, they marry what they follow and they raise up what they love

Martin Prechtel

School of Wyld Roots

The School of Wyld Roots is a year-long immersion into the life of farming, nature-based dialogue, land stewardship, and self discovery. Follow the seasonal cycle of this hands-on learning journey, where we are co-creating the foundational future of a Holistic Learning Cooperative here at Twisted Roots Farm.

Students will delve into:

  • Permaculture Design and Methodology
  • Regenerative Agriculture
  • Off-grid Living
  • Outdoor Education / Bushcraft Skills
  • Food Security
  • Forestry / Bandsaw Mill Operation
  • Economic Development
  • Leadership
  • Community Living
  • Natural and Conventional Construction
  • Communication Skills

Through skill building, experiential education, and certification courses, students learn about self-reliance, farming, artisan craft building, and being in relationship with the more-than-human world.

Certification courses are offered by outside resources and agencies, connecting students to facilitators and specialists in their fields.

  • Permaculture Design Certification Course
  • Sociocracy for All, Empowered Learning Circle
  • Chainsaw Training and Certification
  • Standard First Aid Certification
  • WHMIS Certification
  • Ladder Safety and Fall Protection Certification
  • Food Safety Certification

Our mission is to create a cooperative of guides and mentors who will continue this work in a time where our culture needs to remember many of these forgotten skills and make them relevant to the times.

During the first six months of the program, students are engaged in this hands on learning process. In the second half of the program, participants will transition from a place of theory and practice to more direct involvement in the farm as a business through a profit sharing model based on the success of the farm from the previous months work, dedication, and initiatives.

This is a tuition based program for the initial six month period where students are gaining skills and experience. Tuition is $4000 CAD and includes all training, mentoring, theory, skill building, certification courses, food and accommodations.

Scholarships may be available to those students who demonstrate a financial need. Please see our information package for more details.

The School of Wyld Roots is putting a call out to students who feel a longing to be in relationship with the wild, with their food, with the sacred art of life and death, and the land that sustains us.

What the school is offering is an opportunity to delve into the mysteries of your own soul and discover the golden threads that are woven deep within you.

If you hear this call, we invite you to read through our detailed information package to find out more about the School of Wyld Roots. Students are selected on a first-come, first-served basis. We have limited seats available for the March 21st, 2021 start date, so please don’t delay in submitting your application as soon as possible. We look forward to hearing from all those who feel inspired by this work and who are willing to say “yes” to something mysterious and completely unknown.

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“The most valuable part of this experience was undoubtedly my ‘tuning out of the city and my ‘tuning in’ to nature. Without electronic distractions, internet, or even consistent cell reception, I was forced to slow down and reestablish my relationship with the living world around me.”

Murray, Farm Apprentice, August to November 2020 – excerpt from Twisted Roots Farm Blog

By the end of my time here, I managed to fast in the woods with no more than a bug net, a tarp, a sleeping bag, and some water for 42 hours straight. My range of comfort is definitely wider and now I know I have the strength to endure so much more than I ever thought I could.

Emma, Farm Apprentice, April to August 2020 – excerpt from Twisted Roots Farm Blog

“Few are those who see with their own eyes and feel with their own hearts.”

Albert Einstein
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